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              A Water Quality Report for the Water Users of the

              Bon Air Water Association

              Date report was completed: 6-22-23


In compliance with the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments, the Bon Air Water Association, is providing our water users with this report on the quality of our water.


Our Water Source


Our water comes from 2 drilled well (ground water).

Treatment-The well water is chlorinated for disinfection.

Bacteriological Monitoring- Bacteriological monitoring is performed monthly to test for the presence of coliform, fecal coliform and E.coli.  Our system is required to collect 1 sample per month.

Lead and Copper Monitoring- Date last sampled for lead: 7-23-20

Number of Sites Exceeding Lead Action Level: Zero

Action Level = 15ppb Highest Detected Level  .001 mg/l

Date last sampled for Copper  7-25-17

Number of Sites Exceeding Copper Action Level: Zero

Action Level = 1.3ppm Highest Detected Level  .45 ppm (parts per million)

VOC’s (Volatile Organic Chemicals) - 19 regulated, 7 unregulated

Our sampling result tested as Non Detectable.  5-15-18

SOC’s (Synthetic Organic Chemicals) - 27 regulated, 10 unregulated

           Our sampling results tested as Non Detectable.  9-18-19 HERB1, PEST1

IOC’s (Inorganic Chemicals)

Our sampling result tested below MCL (Maximum Contaminant Level) .

Date of last 3-17-22


Our sampling result tested below MCL  5-19-20

         Nitrates 3-1-22

Our sampling result showed 5.1 ppm.  Maximum contaminant level for Nitrate is  10 ppm.   

         Disinfection Byproducts TTHM HAA5

         Our sampling results tested below MCL 7-21-20

Additional Information

The Bon Air Water Association meets once per year and the customers will be notified by mail.  Call (360) 675-4462 for more information.

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